I’m just going to say this without offending you all in anyway because I don’t want any of you to unfollow me but…

Miley is so selfish. Yes selfish because the last time we’ve received any new music was June twenty eighth 2010 and that was when Can’t Be Tamed hit the stores which she did not bother promoting properly and it FLOPPED. All she did was do some late night shows, a few performances here and there and a tour one year later. She’s taking breaks and going on vacations while we have to sit and standby watching other fanbases get news about their idol’s albums/music careers and all we get is “Beaaaaaaan [picture of her dog].”

Smilers have been so supportive of her doing basically NOTHING for three years except post pictures of her dogs on twitter, recording in the studio for a YEAR NOW and we didn’t even get a THREE second preview and she also did release three backyard sessions and two movies she didn’t bother to promote AT ALL. This is all just so selfish, its gotten to the point where we have to look forwards to magazine launches and after parties when other artists and fanbases get the same thing but better. I’m not even going to talk about her lazy look right now. 

Like, we get that you’re a badass and you don’t give a fuck but theres a limit and its bordering on LAZY. Your hair is atrocious  you’ve been looking like an eyesore and honestly you’ve just been pissing us off lately. You looks sloppy, grungy [not cute] and frumpy. It’s literally gone to the point where we get excited of getting candids of you frigging walking to a local 7/11. I know right? Pathetic. 

What I’m trying to say here is I love you and you’ve changed my life for the better and I can never repay you enough for what you’ve done but you shouldn’t take us for granted. You’re selfish and you aren’t giving us any news of your music, not even a name of the album which Lady Gaga has done, she keeps her Little Monsters on the edge of their seats with ARTPOP news, when all we get is pictures of your puppy Bean. This is all just selfish we’ve been supporting you for three years when you’ve taken a break, we’ve helped you trend things, we buy out your stuff when they hit the stores we are your fucking PR team, we’ve begged magazine companies to let you be on the cover, we are asking magazine companies/brands to endorse in you and WE FUCKING DID THAT. We actually did that for you, I mean how can you do this to millions of people who support you?

I’m probably being over dramatic and stupid but its the truth and its very upsetting that all we get is candids and dog pictures while other fan bases get new albums, acoustic albums, [remix albums even], tours, album news, movie news etc. 

You can say that I’m a fake Smiler or whatever but there is a LIMIT to laziness and she’s crossed the line and I’m 100% sure I am not the only person who feels this way. I’m just very tired of waiting for nothing to happen you know guys? Like Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga/Katy Perry or even One Direction would N E V E R treat their fans like this, it’s upsetting to know that Miley would…  

Don’t unfollow me y’all I still love Miley.

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    This needed to be said. Totally agree! Miley’s new image is coming at a price. Her physical image is very grunge and...
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  4. manageablemischief said: People always complain that they can post what they want on tumblr. But now you’re complaining about Miley doing what she wants in her own life?
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  6. ashley-nelson said: I don’t understand what makes a human being selfish for living their own damn life how they want to. She’s a celebrity, yes, but that doesn’t mean that she wants to be in the spotlight all the time. Calm down.
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  8. wiz-khalaoife said: How is it “selfish” that the choices she made for HER career involved taking a break from making music and focusing on herself? She’s had so many health and personal issues the past few years and SO WHAT if she didn’t “properly promote” CBT? It’s her call
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  12. kellynkeller said: literally though. i hate her “i’m so badass” attitude like when she swears in interviews…thats so unprofessional i dont get it.
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